Semnox develops integration with Passtech’s e-smart lock

esmart lock

Semnox Solutions has developed an integration with e-Smart Lock. Passtech Co. Ltd. is a company that has been a pioneer in developing and delivering state of the art and elegantly designed RFID based locker systems to a wide range of industries. Passtech’s e-Smart Lock is a tried and tested RFID locker manufacturer with their locker solution being successfully implemented in several countries worldwide and various industries. Semnox is proud to be associated with Passtech and make this robust locker solution available for the Theme and Water park industries. The integration of the Parafait system with e-Smart locks makes it one of the most advanced and simple to use locker system for the Theme and Water park Industry. Some of the key features of this integration are listed below

  • The integration is built with an advanced encryption making it the most secured locker system
  • Parafait will be able to generate reports that indicate the status of the battery in the locks that will help park operators to easily maintain the locker system on an ongoing basis
  • Time based lock assignment giving flexibility to rent locks by the hour
  • Online mode that allows you to open the locks from the Point of sale system

“The integration process with Passtech’s e-Smart Lock has been a seamless and a very smooth experience. Some of the advance features offered by this lock such as the online mode with encryption makes it a rugged and a very robust solution to be used in the Theme and Water Park environment” Said Mathew Ninan, Vice President of Development, Semnox Solutions.” We are confident that this integration will add more value, improve guest experience and reduce operating costs to our current and future customers.” he added

“It was a really great experience to work with Semnox for the successful integration of our locking solution into Parafait system and also I believe it would be a great opportunity for both parties to get close to the customers who want a cost-effective & state of the art locking system with fully advanced wireless online features such as real time lock monitoring, remote lock opening, online blocking of lock & card and more” said Sam Park, CEO of Passtech Co., Ltd.