Semnox Releases Blackbullet – Here is what it has got!!

Reiterating our commitment to enhancing user experience and enabling ease of use, we have recently released the BlackBullet version of software with the following features:

Ø  Revamped reservation and booking module.

o   It enables the creation of party checklists and assigns a host to the party

o   Also prints or e-mails customizable quotations, includes more than one facility in the booking, and enables the purchase of extra time slots

Ø  Integration with TripAdvisor that enables guests to enjoy a seamless experience.

o   Helping book tickets through TripAdvisor and visit the park to collect their tickets

o   Letting them modify their visit date or cancel the booking from TripAdvisor

Ø  Introduction of the customer-oriented mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms.

o   Design of the app can be customized specific to the client. The customers of the site can download and use the app to buy tickets, book events or attractions, buy or recharge play cards, play games, view transactions and promotions. The app will also display the promotions, give information on new or top games, rides, events, and so on

o   Phase 1 of this application includes features such as registration or login, ability to link cards and recharge. Users can also view game play history and purchase history.

Ø  Integration with FetchRev, a third-party CRM tool using which marketing campaigns can be launched. Now, business owners can opt to sign-up with FetchRev. Relevant CRM data from Semnox will be transferred to FetchRev. Owners can setup various lists and launch campaigns using FetchRev.

Ø  Parafait POS now supports Ultralight Cards. The MIFARE Ultralight® C contactless IC is a cost-effective solution using the open 3DES cryptographic standard for chip authentication and data access. MIFARE Ultralight C operates according to the ISO/IEC 14443 A standard, allowing an operating distance of up to 10 cm with true anti-collision support. It also offers extended user memory compared to MIFARE Ultralight EV1 and a range of additional security features previously unavailable on low cost contactless ICs. MIFARE cards and Ultralight cards can be used simultaneously in the system. The system will validate and handle both types of cards using ACR1252 reader.

Ø  Semnox has announced the launch of Parafait Achievement 2.0, aimed at driving engagement, encouraging repeat play and repeat visits through game playing and gamification. The technology leverages the concepts of point scoring, competition and rules of play. The solution involves the use of Parafait Tap-to-play hardware and software integrated with traditional Arcade Games, eSports and Virtual Reality attractions. With the 2.0 release the platform has transitioned to a REST based API framework to integrate with 3rd party gaming systems. The Parafait Achievements modules allows operators to setup Simulator games, Leagues and Team events. Teams can be configured along with team leader and team members associated with RFID tags. Through the use of achievement class, the scoring logic and scoring conditions are configured. The scores from plays and activities can then be converted to alternate forms of digital entitlements and virtual medals. Players are motivated to attain the rewards by use of leader boards.