Aljazeera Alkhadra Site Adopts Parafait

semnox is certified for pci dss and soc 1 type 1 compliance

Semnox in Tabuk; Aljazeera Alkhadra Site Adopts Parafait For Cashless Operations

Semnox recently completed installations of the cashless debit card system, self-servicing kiosks, Parafait Food court management system, and access control using turnstiles at Aljazeera Alkhadra (Green Island), that includes restaurant and games center in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Semnox set up readers that work over a Wi-Fi network for different rides like the bumper car, trains, golf car, jumpers like trampoline, and soft play for kids, etc. Because of the Wi-Fi readers, customers can now abandon the long and tiring queues and instead use their RFID tags to register and buy tickets for rides by simply tapping their cards. The staff at the site can now focus more on enhancing customers’ experience than worrying about issuing individual tickets and keeping track of the cash transactions. What’s more, the manager now gets to track issued cards and total earnings on a day-to-day basis with this system and put an end to pilferages.

Impressed by the simple-to-use and easy-to-manage cashless debit card system, Aljazeera Alkhadra’s management decided to upgrade their restaurant with Semnox’s Parafait Food court management system. This system helps the customer place their order for food and beverages without fumbling their pockets for cash.Furthermore, the systems yield greater efficiency from the staff at the restaurant as the order list goes directly to the respective kitchen, who in turn prepare and hands over the food to the waiters to be delivered to the customers hassle-free.

Iqbal Mohammad, Managing Director at Semnox, said, “Semnox strives for customer satisfaction. What drives Semnox is the trust our clients put in us to improve their operations and the overall impression that lasts with their customers. We are elated to have been part of this journey with Aljazeera Alkhadra.”