Making Data Work for You: Why Visualization Is Key

Data Visualization for Entertainment Venues

The human mind is a visual processor — 90% of the information that it captures is visual. When it comes to number crunching and analysis of information, visualization of data in a simple, yet effective way is the key to make data useful for your businesses.  

Data presented in a visual format makes it easier to capture actionable insights. With this in mind, it is important to reflect on how you — as a business operator — can relate to and leverage the data generated by your business, and how you can use them to positively transform your business.

Data Visualization for Entertainment Venues

Data is everywhere. Leisure and amusement venues generate data from game machines and rides, footfall and frequency of guest visits, food and beverage sales, retail and merchandise sales, registrations, and more. Making this data insightful largely depends on how your data tools present the data to you. 

Drilling down to statistical information that is important to your business and customizing them into a visually appealing and easily understandable dashboard saves a lot of time for the operators. The Parafait venue management system from Semnox uses the Tableau Platform to display rich customized visualizations on both desktop and mobile platforms.

With Parafait tableau dashboards, you can:

See key data dashboards for your venue like – sales, footfall, ride trends, game trends, and operations-related data.

  1. Visualize the data in various easily understandable charts which include bar charts, pie charts, bars with trend lines, and vertical bars. 
  2. See the data for customized date ranges or as trends available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, allowing you to make comparisons and get actionable insights.

Along with its wide array of solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry, and its integrated ecosystem of products and services, data visualization is a key component of Semnox’s efforts to help venues create delightful experiences for their customers and meaningful insights for the business. 

The 3 Key Benefits of Data Visualization 

  1. Better, Faster Analysis and Decision Making: Operators can now analyze reports related to sales or game trends quickly without spending much time or energy going through detailed numbers and statistics, thereby enabling faster decision making. 
  2. Identifying Patterns and Anticipating Problems: When you have months of data in a simple visual format in front of you, it is easy to find patterns that you might otherwise be unaware of. These patterns might be good — like the most popular rides or games at the venue — allowing operators to double down and boost the business in the right direction. The patterns can also reflect problems or anomalies that need to be fixed. 
  3. Simplified Storytelling and Collaboration: Visualized data is particularly useful when operators are briefing their staff on how the business is doing and how they can serve the guests better. It also comes in handy when operators are pitching for investments or partnerships. Visualized data is not just easy to understand, it is also easy to remember. 

The benefits of data compound over time — the more data you have, and the better and more reliable your analytics will be. As we have seen, the best way to leverage data is by visualizing it. 

Your entertainment venue can greatly benefit from the data visualization that is built into Parafait. Can’t wait to get started? Reach out to a Semnox representative — email us at or call us now!

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