How to Prolong the Life of Your Theme Park or Entertainment Venue Assets


Checklists save lives. Surgeons across the world have known this for many decades. Whenever a checklist system has been implemented in a hospital, it has reduced human error, leading to dramatic drops in mortality rates. 

In the entertainment industry, maintenance technicians are the equivalent of surgeons. Having a system in place to track the upkeep and repairs of assets of a venue ensures the safety of guests, eliminates downtime, and prolongs the healthy life of your assets.

With Parafait Venue Management System operating in over 2000 indoor and outdoor venues worldwide, Semnox recognizes the need for a dedicated solution to handle the smooth running of machines and assets in a venue. The Parafait Maintenance Module is an independent system that helps track the repair and upkeep of all assets, leaving nothing to chance. Let’s find out more about how this module can help create a secure experience for guests! 

Simplified Scheduling & Assignment of Maintenance Tasks 

The Maintenance Module allows operators to define and schedule tasks or groups of tasks related to maintenance of machines and assets, and then assign them to specific technicians. 

A theme park might have various assets like roller coasters, giant wheels, bowling alleys, ticketing kiosks, vending machines, etc. These assets can be categorized into groups based on the Asset Type and Asset Groups. For example, Asset Types can be ‘Computers’, ‘Rides’, ‘Kiosks’, etc. They can then be further combined into Asset Groups — for instance, all assets used outdoors can be grouped as ‘Outdoor Assets’ and all those used within closed facilities can be classified as ‘Indoor Assets’. 

With this maintenance system, operators can define various routine tasks or specific maintenance or repair tasks. Routine tasks, for instance, can be checking the brake oil of the roller coaster or testing the pinsetters in the bowling alley, which can be scheduled for maintenance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis — creating a maintenance activity calendar. For specific tasks, this module allows the creation of ad-hoc service requests and can auto-assign these tasks based on the availability of technicians.

Maintenance On-The-Go with a Handheld App for Technicians 

Maintenance technicians are always on the move. To help them perform maintenance checkpoints on the field, Semnox offers a maintenance tablet and app. The app allows technicians to: 

  • Update the assigned jobs when they are completed.
  • Create or update a service request based on task outcomes.

The app maintains strict access control so that there are no conflicting entries made. The person who raised the request will get notified only once a task is complete. Similarly, a technician can only access a service request when the status of the request is open. These checks make the management of maintenance tasks less conflicting and more systematic. 

Comprehensive Reporting to Help Operators Stay on Top

Another essential component of the Maintenance Module is the comprehensive reports that can be generated to keep a track of the maintenance scheduled for the assets. 

These reports help management to stay at top of things and take the required action when required. Some such instances include, where a specific task has remained unassigned for maintenance to any technician, or a task that is delayed or taking more time than expected, or a machine that has seen repeated maintenance requests, and so on. Based on the need of the business, custom reports can be created to provide valuable business insights. Some of the already existing reports include:

  • Open Service Requests Report: This report generates the details of all the open service requests. It provides details such as the service request number, name of the ride or machine, the technician to whom the request is assigned, the request open date, the site where the request is created, and the status of the request.
  • Out of Service Report: This report lists the details of the out-of-service machines or rides. It provides details such as the log case date, area, location, asset identifiers, remarks by the technician to whom the request is assigned, the resolution by the technician, date of resolution, case status, and close date. 

These reports help operators stay on top of maintenance activities — anticipating problems before they occur, seamlessly managing technicians, and delivering a safe, enjoyable experience for the guests!

The Maintenance Module is yet another example of Semnox’s commitment to being a holistic technology solution provider to the entertainment industry. To leverage this module and more for the benefit of your venue, reach out to a Semnox representative — email us at or call us now!

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