Time Keeping with Radian: The RFID Wristband for Trampoline Parks

The RFID Wristband for Trampoline Parks

When you upgrade to an integrated trampoline park software, you want to make sure that you upgrade your hardware as well! While having the best of the technologies at your doorstep makes your experience as a business owner easier and cost-effective, it is also important to provide your guests with a seamless check-in and check-out experience. 

Wristbands enabled with RFID technology and combined with the capabilities of notifying the guests on their time and activity, will save the need for extra staff to act as a timekeeper to usher your guests in and out — which can be challenging, especially with kids. 

Semnox’s RFID-enabled Radian wristbands for trampoline parks solve this very problem. This wearable device is designed to notify the wristband user at the trampoline parks about the various time-based event triggers as defined by the parks — for instance, notifications when the allocated playtime is about to expire — by vibrating and glowing with predefined light patterns and colors. This elegant Radian wristband makes a fantastic add-on to the trampoline park experience and amps up the cool factor! 

A Lightweight, Robust, & Durable RFID Wristband 

The Radian wristband is lightweight, robust, and durable, making it perfect for trampoline parks, as well as play areas or game zones that involve check-in and check-out based on time-defined activities. The band has an LED bezel with software-controlled patterns which glow in a spectacular range of colors — something that kids find very fascinating! 

A Wristband That Is Easy to Setup & Manage 

The wristband is customizable using the Parafait Web Management Studio (WMS) and Parafait POS applications. As an operator, you can configure the wristband to glow with certain colors and vibrate in a certain pattern based on pre-defined setups. A fully charged wristband will keep going for almost 24 hours. The charging station contains a series of charging ports and for added convenience, multiple charging stations can be connected in series. 

Creating a Seamless Check-In & Check-Out Experience 

The Radian wristband is simple to use — when a guest registers for the trampoline park, they are issued a wristband. Once worn, the band facilitates a seamless check-in and check-out experience: 

  1. To check-in, the guest has to simply tap the wristband on an RFID reader — like the cutting-edge Parafait LuminOS from Semnox. The tap activates the communication with the WAP and the guest is checked in. 
  2. Based on the configuration of the band, the system will send signals that change the color and vibration of the band. Notifications can be set up based on the business need to intimate the guest about instances like half-time, last 5 minutes of play, or when the time is completed. Different patterns and colors can be set up for different kinds of notifications.
  3. To check-out of the play area, the guest has to simply tap the wristband on the reader once again to terminate the session and return the device to the staff at the POS counter. 

So, it’s as easy as 123! With the guests having less to worry about keeping a tab for themselves on the time availability and time-ups, the Radian wristband delivers a streamlined experience when they are out to have fun.  

Complementing the Parafait Trampoline Park Software

The wristband also perfectly complements the Parafait trampoline park software — the complete solution for managing your trampoline park. Are you looking to create delightful experiences for your guests with Parafait and the Radian wristband? Then email us at sales@semnox.com or call us now!

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