Top 5 Benefits of Push Notifications on FEC Mobile Apps

Top 5 Benefits of Push Notifications on FEC Mobile Apps

Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) across the world are increasingly using mobile apps to make it easier for their customers to purchase and recharge cards, check balance, and manage their accounts. These apps — like SmartFun from Semnox — are helping FEC operators create a holistic experience for their customers, by engaging them even outside the venue.


Push notifications are an essential component of these apps, enabling quick and concise communication related to transactions, discounts, offers, and account activity. To help you understand and leverage the power of push notifications as an operator, here are the top 5 benefits of notifications on FEC mobile apps:


  • Streamlined Customer Journey: An app is always available and easy to use. Push notifications further streamline the customer journey, especially when clicking on the links embedded in the notification take the user to the exact section of the app that they need to go to. 

  • Customer Retention and Re-engagement: We often download apps on our phones and forget about them after using them once or twice. Push notifications can help reactivate users, especially when you send out thoughtful reminders or customized offers. For example, the SmartFun app for FECS sends out a notification when the customer’s card is about to expire or the balance is low, nudging users to take action. 

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Once the customer grants the app permission to know their location, operators can send out targeted marketing messages and offers via push notifications. This type of personalized marketing is more likely to strike a chord with customers compared to generic marketing messages.

  • Actionable Metrics & Insights: Push notifications can help operators get actionable insight into customer behavior. Analyzing metrics like open rates and dwell time can help further fine-tune marketing strategies. 

  • Boosting Brand Recall: Push notifications act as an additional communication and marketing channel through which you can increase brand visibility and recall. Customers will come to appreciate the valuable and timely notifications, increasing the value of your brand. 


Push notifications on the SmartFun app help operators and customers avail all of the above benefits and more! The app is customizable to your brand and it also allows customers to skip using a card entirely, using the app as a virtual card

SmartFun is currently used by FECs like Fun City to create delightful experiences for their guests, and it can help your FEC too! Want to learn more? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away — email us at or call us now!

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