Advantages of Integrating OTAs With Amusement Venue Ticketing Systems

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Amusement venues have come to rely on fast and secure online ticketing as a sales channel in addition to onsite ticket sales. If you manage an amusement venue, you already know that you are not limited to selling tickets and combos on your website — Online Ticketing Aggregators (OTAs) like Viator and Expedia are also major sales channels that can help expand the reach of your venue. 

However, a lack of synchronization between your ticketing system and the OTAs can lead to problems like overbookings, missed sales, difficulties with capacity management, and inconvenience for your customers. You might have avoided using OTAs in the past because of these issues. But the good news is that these problems can be resolved by integrating your ticketing system with the OTAs. 

We have previously written about how the Parafait-Viator integration helps complete the ticketing automation chain. Now, let’s explore some of the key advantages of integrating OTAs with your ticketing system.

Two Ticketing Systems Acting as One

When an amusement venue ticketing system like Parafait is integrated with an OTA, the products, schedules, prices, etc. displayed in Parafait are also displayed on the OTA. This allows end customers to make purchases or bookings that are synchronized with Parafait in real-time, giving the operator immediate visibility.

This type of integration makes it possible for two ticketing systems to act as one, resulting in several advantages for both end-customers and operators: 

  • Eliminating overbookings: The OTA conducts real-time availability checks against your ticketing system to see if the booked product is available for a given date, quantity, or schedule. This eliminates overbookings. 
  • Reduced effort, saved time: Any changes made to the product or to availability on your ticketing system reflect seamlessly across platforms saving you hours of work and eliminating conflicts. 
  • Better capacity planning: The customer can make changes to existing bookings or cancel the booking on the OTA website, and your ticketing system will get updated as well. This real-time synchronization enables better capacity planning.

You can put aside any reservations you have had about selling tickets through OTAs. The integration between a ticketing system like Parafait and an OTA helps unlock the full potential of online ticketing. 

Leading OTAs Now Integrated With Parafait 

The Parafait Venue Management and Ticketing System has been integrated with leading OTAs from across the world like Expedia, Reserve with Google, Groupon,, Musement,, Viator, and many more. This integration comes with all the advantages we have discussed above. What’s more is that Parafait, being an integrated venue management system, gets rid of the clutter of a dozen disparate systems, making venue management a breeze! 

To learn more about Parafait and leverage the advantages of the OTA integrations for your venue, reach out to a Semnox representative — email us at or call us

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