The Benefits of Cashless RFID Ticketing at Amusement Parks

the benefits of cashless rfid ticketing at amusement parks

Over the last few years, amusement parks and outdoor attractions have been increasingly using cashless RFID ticketing solutions. Of course, hotels have used RFID technology in key cards for a long time. But when Disney started issuing the MagicBand in 2013, the parks and attractions industry began to adopt the technology in earnest.

While using regular paper tickets might seem to be the cheaper option, RFID cards and wristbands offer significant advantages that need to be taken into account. There are some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits to cashless RFID ticketing solutions, and we’re going to look at some of them in this article. 

Top 6 Reasons for Adopting RFID Solutions

Here are the top 6 reasons to adopt cashless RFID ticketing at your park:

  • Seamless Entry Experience For Guests
    Making your guests wait in line to buy tickets and then wait in another line to enter the park makes a terrible first impression. RFID cards and bands can speed up this process significantly and you can also reduce operational costs in the process. Using wristband printing kiosks allows your guests to purchase their tickets with ease, and from there, they can enter the park with a simple tap at the access gates. 
  • Completely Cashless Operations
    RFID bands and cards act as entry tickets as well as payment solutions, making them highly convenient. Guests will be able to pay for food, beverages and merchandise without having to carry their wallet or bag along. In fact, the ease of purchasing with an RFID card or wristband means that guests are likely to spend more. They can also have peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe in an RFID locker that is connected with their wristband or RFID card, and operates without a physical key! 
  • Hands-free Experience 
    If there is one benefit of RFID wristbands and cards that trumps every other, it is the hands-free experience that is made possible. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for contactless solutions, RFID is the way to go — guests can avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. RFID bands are usually waterproof, which means they work well in water parks and wet environments as well. 
  • Wholesome Family Experience
    Children can have their own wristbands, which gives them a sense of independence. The settings on the band are completely customizable — there can be spending limits or the option for purchases can be disabled completely. Parents can also have peace of mind knowing that if their child gets lost, the band can help trace their last known location easily. 
  • Improved Security & Control
    RFID technology gives you complete control and removes the possibility of theft and fraud. This results in significant savings over time. This is true for guests as well — they don’t need to worry about their money getting stolen and can focus on having fun! In case the RFID band itself is lost or stolen, it can be disabled promptly and a new one can be issued.
  • Actionable Data And Insights 
    RFID technology provides you with highly relevant and actionable data and insights that you can use to streamline operations further. You will know how guests move around the venue, how they interact with the attractions, how much time they spend at specific attractions, and much more. You will also have data on food, beverage and merchandise purchases. These insights will allow you to improve the guest experience while also cutting operational costs. 

The benefits of cashless RFID ticketing and technology for amusement parks and attractions only compound over time. Without a doubt, a modern amusement park simply must incorporate RFID technology — guests have come to expect it. 

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