The Advantages of Integrated Amusement Park Management Systems

the advantages of integrated amusement park management systems

In recent years, many outdoor parks have shifted to using integrated amusement park management systems. There are some very clear advantages to these systems as well as some obvious disadvantages of conventional methods and systems for park management. However, due to a lack of clear information about the advantages of integrated amusement park management systems, park owners who are considering shifting to these systems will often find it difficult to make an informed decision. 

In this article, we will present some of the key advantages of integrated amusement park management systems and paint a picture of what’s possible when the different parts of a park’s management system are able to communicate and coordinate with each other. We will use Parafait — the integrated park management solution from Semnox — as an example.

Integrated Amusement Park Management Systems – Key Benefits

When you have an integrated park management system, operations become significantly simplified. It goes without saying that these systems can not only reduce operational costs, they can also help you find new ways to increase revenue. Let’s take a look at some key aspects of park operations and see how Parafait — Semnox’s integrated park management solution — helps in each case. 

  • Multi-Platform Ticketing Solution

Parafait offers a fully-integrated and cost-effective online ticketing platform which allows you to set up flexible, calendar controlled pricing options. The system allows you to create season passes and multiple entry packages while managing everything from one spot. 

Parafait also offers on-site ticketing and supports barcode, RFID card and wristband based tickets. The Parafait Kinetic ticking kiosk and Parafait Klassic wristband printing kiosk make it easy for parks to manage ticketing without the need for staff. 

You will be able to upsell with ease, quickly creating offers that combine food, beverage and merchandise with tickets. The platform is capable of OTA ticketing and can be integrated with popular ticketing platforms.

  • Simplified Access Management 

Parafait is a single system that adapts to many needs. Access control gates allow visitors access to rides, games and attractions with self-validation of the ticket. This means increased customer convenience and perfect accounting. 

The system also allows for quick and real-time mobile phone validation through an Android-based application. This is ideal for activities where space is a constraint and is a low cost, no maintenance solution. Semnox also offers an integrated stand-alone validation unit that has all-weather support and is ideal for operator-controlled outdoor rides.

  • Customer Relationship Management  

The CRM module of Parafait allows you to activate loyalty programs, create a tiered membership program with different discounts at different tiers and have promotions and discounts based on various rules. It also helps with your marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach out to guests via text, email, and social media.

  • A Comprehensive Reporting Module 

The Reporting Module of Parafait allows you to create feature-rich and user-friendly reports that provide you with actionable insights. This module includes both predefined and custom reports, and you can schedule auto-generated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

The module makes it possible to forecast future crowds based on historic data and future bookings, allowing you to plan for resources accordingly. This module is also integrated with the ERP module. With onsite, online and mobile app-based reporting, you will be able to analyze data from across the park and track the success of newly promoted services. 

  • Increased Customer Convenience

The Parafait Park Management System makes it possible for visitors to use a single RFID tag across the park, which means no more bulky bags and worrisome wallets to carry around. The customer can also create an app-based or web-based online account and manage their membership with ease. 

Semnox also has fully-integrated wireless RFID lockers that are easy to install. They come in various sizes, colours, and materials, allowing you to customize them based on your brand. With no physical keys, the belongings of your visitors will always be safe and secure. The integrated system allows you to create attractive packages which include lockers, entry tickets and food.

  • Communicate Essential Information With Ease

The Parafait integrated system allows you to access and manage content from a centralized location, and customize and manage content for multiple screens. A data-based and dynamic, event-based screen display, facilitates smarter engagement allowing you to choose promotions based on the time of the day and based on target customers. The in-built scheduling system allows you to change screens based on the time of day.

  • Merchandise, Food & Beverages Integrations

The integrated Kitchen Management System, which includes Kitchen Order Tickets and a Kitchen Display support allows you to support self-service with a full-service kitchen. The comprehensive Inventory Management System allows you to track the movement of items, simplifying logistics. Visitors will be able to choose between payment options like RFID tags, cash, bank cards, vouchers and more. Automated data sharing helps reduce turnaround time. The paperless system is also environment-friendly. 

Put together, these modules and features function seamlessly, allowing for seamless operations through park automation. 

Unlocking The Potential Of Amusement Parks

The Parafait Integrated Amusement Park Management System can truly help you unlock the potential of your park while creating extraordinary experiences for your visitors and growing your revenues. 

Do you see the opportunities that Parafait can unlock for you? Do you believe that your park should be managed with an integrated system? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to take things to the next level! Email us at or call us.